About Us

Al- Fouad Company for General Construction was founded in 1975 in Mecca as an arm system of Al-Fouad service and executive group companies. It was necessary for the company to be the second in order coming immediately after The Middle East Office for Engineering consultation which does the engineering maps and designs.

Goals :

1- Contribute actively to build our home country and create a luxury life for the citizen.
2- Provide a full opportunity for Saudi cadres to join us to lead and make the future.
3- To keep up with modernity and Urban world wild while maintaining our identity and privacy as  a Muslim society.
4- be one of the largest and most important construction companies, which characterized by the quality of construction and services in the local market and the Middle East region and we look forward to be an international company. And we look orward to build our relationships with clients and companies on good engineering bases, to offer competitive prices with the usage of technology in the building and construction to provide means of comfort and luxury to satisfy our customers , meet their desires and fulfill their dreams.

Mission :

Al-Fouad construction company's mission stems from its conviction of the quality and perfection in ensuring the architectural innovation in Saudi Arabia, where our policy depends on the completion of integrated construction, we guarantee to follow the highest global construction standards. Moreover, we seek to be a source of confidence in all of our business and working with our partners in Kingdom to enhance and strength the concept of Urban Renaissance. Furthermore, we focus on a perfect construction of the infrastructure which makes our country one of the developed countries in this field, with the help of our experience, qualified engineers and technicians, and our skilled and dependable workers.

Vision :

We work to be a unique model in offering high quality businesses and products. We also contribute to build our home country positively. In addition, we want to be a reliable company in general construction locally and globally.